The Storybook

by SleepyV

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released February 28, 2012

Words and Music by SleepyV:
Gene Paul Vercammen - Guitar, Vocal
Benjamin Greenwood - Bass, Mandolin, Vocal
Derek Krystek - Drum Set, Hand Drums
John Manganaro - Trumpet, Guitar, Vocal
Dominique Dela Cruz - Flute
Sarah Greenwood - Violin
Tessa Lewis-Whitson - Clarinet
Joe Kennedy - The Wolf
Orchestrations arranged by Benjamin Greenwood

Mixed by Griffin Novie
Mastered @ Teasing Weasel Studios



all rights reserved


SleepyV Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Juliet
I threw a stone
At your window
In the night, when the light had gone
“Why have you come here?
I told you to go”
In the night, when the light had gone

Following footsteps
the snow had already
yielded to my heels
They’re helping me find my way back home

Walking across the fields
Walking across the fields
Walking across the fields
Walking across the fields

And again to that point in the path
Where it spans along the edge of the cliff
And again it seems that the path is obscured
By an infamous, untimely sickness
And though the was is thin at certain spots
I hardly believe the risk
Of slippery slopes and my tendency to slip
Track Name: Down the Mountain & Through the Forest
How do I—
Give myself shape and form?
And what—
Sense of obligation holds me to my course?
Similar motivations guide men of science towards the greater good.
I’ll combat my own post-human beings when the time comes.
I thought I saw fleeting shapes darting in and out of trees
I thought I caught my eyelids drooping down, I could not see
I must have paused to rest my feet
And didn’t rise again, couldn’t rise, I could not see

It seems my time on Earth has come to a temporary end
I looked down at my feet in time before they disappear
Into celestial shades of green my perception will ascend
That my condition is another’s fault; I will not pretend
The only real answers I received were achieved through an early ended career
Into celestial shades of green my perception will ascend

I don’t know how many times I’ve been told to stay away from her
But it never takes hold
She’s bad news
The worst it can get
And I know I won’t ever forget
About the days we spent out under the trees of the horizon
In the warm summer breeze, and I
Want to sing, but she’s holding my tongue
And it seems like I’m caught in a continuing spiral
I’m unstrung
Track Name: the Showdown
What have we here,
One so young as this, alone in my forest?
Where have you come from,
And where have you been?
To find yourself here on my riverbed

I’ve star crossed paths with a temptress
Who took on the shape of my fair Juliet
Then I found that here I sit
And I don’t know what else yet

In this neck of the woods, mouth-watering tongues salivate
At such a savory taste
As you, unaware on the riverbank, ripe for the take
And I haven’t eaten in days

Eye to eye with his toothy grin
His lips pursed and his tongue dangling
Deviously eyeing me up, while I
Slide my hands to resist
Track Name: Home/the Vow
So bring me that horizon
Bring me on home
I can see rising chimney smoke
I’ve come home

A thorn in the paw of a fang-toothed beast
Slender sliver in the eye that’ll make you grieve
Delicate and driven in the way it breathes
It strains and weaves, painting the panes patiently
Spared of a certain death at the hand of a foe
Aware of a certain air that he brandished below
There, but unprepared, as he ran to his home
A sign of a better time hanging there in the smoke
I rose, a patch of fur matted roughly by blood
Bathed in charm, disarming armor with a subtler touch
I’ll find her, I swear I’ll find her when he comes a rush
I’ll dangle her over the plunge if he doesn’t adjust
A streak of malice relished greatly taking root in his thoughts
Smoothing, all of it soothing as he moved from the spot
Lumbering, sulking and sultry turning two of his paws
Into manipulative beings being ruthless and lost

I’ll find her
I swear I’ll find her
When he comes in a rush
I’ll dangle her over the plunge
When he approaches I’ll push
Track Name: Out the Window
At dawn
The sun wakes me
And I can
Feel his warming rays
On my face

At dawn
The sun wakes me
And I can
Hear his bellowing voice
Calling through the curtains
He shakes me on the shoulder and says

He speaks
His words shake me
And I can
Feel my hands trembling so slightly

I’m up
Moving quickly
I jump
Through the window pane
The sunlit shards glistening
They hit the ground but I keep drifting

He lifts me up with gentle ease
I’m riding clouds
I’m high above them constantly

I’m soaring on the winded breeze
I’m riding clouds
I’m high above them constantly

He carries me with gentle ease
I’m riding on the winded breeze eternally

And in his eye
I see a light
That could have been
And wished it would have been
Track Name: a Battle
Here is what you wanted,
I’m here to finish what you started.
If you wanted,
To give me a reason.
You gave me a reason.
You gave me a reason.

You gave me a reason.
You gave me a reason.
You gave me a reason.
You gave me a reason.
Track Name: a Bed
Crawl into my arms
And darling you will find
That I am intact and alive
And if you’ll a willing ear incline
What is mine could be yours
And what’s yours could be mine
Follow me into the stars
And every inhibition disregard
I’d save your life a thousand times
To see that look in your eyes

Let any fear
Fall into the planetary fixtures
As they float away through space
Like your beauty how it graces
Every curve around your face

In the night,
When the light had gone.
I threw a stone.